Blazing a Path for Students to Succeed in Math

Lori Mayberry


Field of Study


As a steppingstone to earning a degree, Professor Lori Mayberry developed a program that has increased the success rate for thousands of students.

Professor Lori Mayberry is a problem solver. Disheartened by the fact that many Oklahoma high school graduates could not either place into or pass Math 1513 (the traditional starting point for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math majors), she took action in 2008 to help remedy the situation. 

With input from other Math professors and based on her own experiences as a high school Math teacher, Mayberry, Professor of Mathematics and Physical Sciences at TCC, developed a Precalculus Learning Community Program. The high school class emphasizes the skills and concepts students need to succeed in Math 1513. As of summer 2023, for students who complete the entire course, the average success rate for passing the high school class and enrolling in Math 1513 is 94%. This means literally thousands of students have passed Math 1513 and have gone on to earn their degrees.

In April 2023, she received a TCC Service Excellence Award for this work. 

Professor Mayberry joined the College in August 1999 after teaching and coaching at several different area high schools for eight years. She has served on the TCC Faculty Association executive board, offered professional development to high school teachers, worked on the math pathways initiative, and participated in enough professional development and service to the College to be among the first to earn the rank of full professor. In addition, she was named the TCC Physical Science Faculty Department Chair in July 2020.

"I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I consider the impact I have had on students and their lives,” she says. “Teaching has become who I am, what I do, and the platform I use to bring a love of learning to those who cross my path. In promoting the mission of TCC, I have been an advocate for education by promoting the importance and value of academic advancement in both the classroom and within my local community.”

Fun facts: Using her math and science background, Professor Mayberry enjoys making custom signs, wedding decor, Christmas ornaments, and much more.

Math and statistics also came in handy for her when she played softball and basketball in high school and softball at Northeastern State University. In addition, while teaching at the high school and junior high level, Mayberry coached a variety of sports, including softball, girls’ basketball and girls’ volleyball. In fact, she was the assistant softball coach at Union High School when the team won the state championship in 1992.