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Plan your courses, uncover degree requirements, and chart your path at TCC.

Half the fun of college is looking through the catalog and checking out the classes you get to take on your way to completing your degree or certificate.

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The catalog provides everything from the academic calendar to program maps to course descriptions and more. It is a go-to resource for all things academic at TCC. As always, if you need help, reach out to your Academic Advisor.

College Catalog Class Schedules

Class Schedules

Once you've identified the classes you need to take, our online class schedule lets you see what sections are available, what days of the week they meet, who the instructor is, fees, textbooks, and even the syllabus for each class (when available).

TCC's On-Time Enrollment ensures you're set for success from day one. Enroll in your desired classes before their first meeting (with exceptions considered for special cases).

Need to join an already full class? Our Waitlist feature offers a 24-hour window for enrollment once a seat becomes available, keeping your options open.

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TCC's four-week Fast Track courses offer flexibility for day and evening students, letting you enroll in one or two courses per block. This schedule helps you balance work, home, and studies, focusing on fewer subjects at a time. Complete your degree faster by supplementing with online or short-term options. Embrace efficiency at TCC.

Explore the Class Schedule and utilize advanced search options to filter the Part of Term by Four Week Session.

Discover unique courses offered through alternative methods like distance learning, honors, online, and more.

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Enroll with Academic Advising

Don't miss out on your preferred courses – TCC's enrollment support has you covered. Visit with Academic Advising to discuss your education plans before enrolling in classes.

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