Academic Schools

TCC's seven academic schools offer more than 100 degree programs and certificates designed to transfer to our partner universities and prepare our graduates for in-demand jobs in the workforce. Every program we offer is aimed at producing students who succeed in the next stage of their lives.

We are not "just" a community college. Our courses meet the highest standards for academic rigor, and our faculty are all experts in their fields. TCC is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, which means we meet (and exceed) the same standards as all the colleges and universities across the state. 

Choose your School. Find your degree path, and get started on changing your life. 

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School of Business & Information Technology

See yourself in the rapidly changing world of business by preparing for exciting careers such as Accounting, Human Resources, Information Technology, Programming, Computer Information System Support, Web Development, Management, and Marketing, just to name a few.

Explore Business & Information Technology
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School of Communication, English, & World Languages

Explore diverse programs in communication, English, and world languages. From oral to mass communication, literature, and language studies, we prepare students for varied careers.

Explore Communication, English, & World Languages
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School of Health Sciences

Make a difference in the ever-changing field of health sciences by preparing for rewarding careers such as a Nurse, Emergency Medical Technician, Firefighter, Dental Hygienist, Cardiovascular Technologist, Physical Therapist Assistant, Respiratory Therapist and so much more.

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School of Liberal Arts & Public Service

Pave the way for an impactful career leading to a better world in areas such as Law Enforcement, Human Services Specialist, Lawyer, Paralegal, Political Analyst, Psychologist, Sociologist, or Teacher.

Explore Liberal Arts & Public Service
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School of Mathematics & Engineering

Use your passion for math and science to unlock a fulfilling future as an Electronics Technician, Engineer, Geographic Information Services Specialist, Manufacturing Production Technician, and other high-tech or service-focused careers.

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School of Science & Aeronautics

Prepare for a soaring future or improve the health and well-being of others in careers such as an Air Traffic Controller, Chemist, Nurse, Nutritionist, Pharmacist, Pilot, or a variety of others.

Explore Science & Aeronautics
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School of Visual & Performing Arts

Set your future in motion by preparing for a bright career in the arts, including Graphic Design, Digital Media (Broadcast Production, Graphic Design), Music, Theatre, and Art.

Explore Visual & Performing Arts