Cybersecurity Programs & Offerings

The need for skilled cybersecurity professionals is great. We offer four programs designed to meet this demand. You can get your associate and transfer to a four-year university or get the skills you need to enter the workforce directly. Either way, our cybersecurity offerings provide a foundation for a successful and rewarding career in this growing field. Explore our programs to find the path that suits you best.

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Cybersecurity, A.A.S.

Looking for an associate degree in Cybersecurity that can transfer to excellent four-year universities?  The Associate in Applied Science Cybersecurity degree prepares you to assess the security of computer and network systems, implement controls to secure organizations against cyber-attacks and respond to security breaches.

Transferable Program

Transfer opportunities are available to dozens of four-year colleges including the University of Tulsa, OU-Tulsa, and OSU.

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Computer Information Systems, A.S

CIS specialists handle a wide range of tasks, from keeping computer networks secure to managing internet operations and overseeing all computer-related activities for the companies they work for. This program equips you with a broad understanding of computers and the skills you need to use technology effectively in the business world.

Transferable Program

Transfer opportunities are available to dozens of four-year colleges including the University of Tulsa, OU-Tulsa and OSU.

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Secure Infrastructure Specialist Certificate

A Secure Infrastructure Specialist Certificate can prepare you for a career in cybersecurity and network support.  You’ll gain skills on supporting hardware and software systems and how to protect against both internal and external threats.  Plus, you’ll earn an industry-recognized IT Comp TIA credentials like A+, Network+, and Security+.

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Cyber Skills Center – Partnership with edX

Gain skills within just 24 weeks with our accelerated program from the TCC Cyber Skills Center in partnership with edX. Cybersecurity and data science are high-demand fields that continue to grow in opportunity and jobs. This accelerated program can set the groundwork for several career paths in this exciting, fast-paced industry.

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