Developmental (Foundations) Studies

What are Foundations classes? Foundations classes provide support for students by preparing them for college-level classes.

"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today." 

Malcolm X

The following information includes general information about Foundations classes, frequently asked questions about testing and student resources.

Reading Foundations Placement

Introduction to Academic Reading (formally Reading Foundations ll)

  • A score below 237 on Accuplacer NextGen Reading

Critical Academic Reading (formally Reading Foundations I)

  • 237–262 on Accuplacer NextGen Reading
  • 230–236 and a High School GPA of 3.0+

Writing Foundations Placement

Writing Foundations I

  • High School GPA below 2.6
  • Writeplacer below 3

Writing Foundations II

  • High School GPA of 2.6
  • 3 on Writeplacer
  • High School GPA of 2.5 and Accuplacer NextGen Reading score of 276+

Writing Foundations Workshop (COREQ with Comp I)

  • Placement Requirements: High School GPA 2.7–3.1
  • 4 on Writeplacer

Math Foundations Placement

Math Foundations I

  • 200–249 Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)
  • High School GPA below 2.6

Math Foundations II

  • 250+ Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)
  • High School GPA 2.6

Math Essentials of Quantitative Reasoning (COREQ with Quant Reason)

  • High School GPA 3.0
  • 237–262 Accuplacer Quantitative Exam
  • 285+ Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and 230–236 Accuplacer Quantitative Exam

Math Essentials for Precalculus (COREQ with Precalculus I)

  • High School GPA 3.0
  • 237–262 Advanced Certificate In Corporate Finance (ACCF)

Course Prerequisite Sequences

Visit the Course Catalog for Foundations course prerequisite sequences information.

FAQs & Resources

What are Foundations classes?

Foundations classes are courses that provide students with essential college-level skills in math, reading, and writing.

Do Foundations classes count towards my degree plan?

Foundations classes do not count toward degree plans, but they prepare you for success in your college-level courses.

Does Financial Aid cover Foundations courses?

Yes, Financial Aid can be used for Foundations courses.

Are placement tests for the Foundations course pass or fail?

No, placement tests are a tool to identify your skill level.

How should I prepare for placement tests?

For more information, visit Testing Services Course Placement Tests.

Are the placement tests timed?

No, take your time and really concentrate on each question.

Can I retake the placement test?

Yes, you can take a placement test up to two times each semester for each subject.

Who can I contact for additional questions?

If you have any further questions visit with an Academic Advisor.

Tutoring Centers

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Academic Advisors

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Accessibility Resources

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Coffee Shops & Markets

A place for students to relax before, in between, and after classes. We have cafes that serve Starbucks coffee on multiple campuses and seating areas to study or interact with others. Check out our Meal Plans.


The library is a great place to focus, study, and access computers and documents as well as check out books.

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