Course Placement Tests

At TCC, we strive to understand your academic strengths and find the right courses for your success. Our placement tests are designed to guide you toward appropriate academic challenges, setting the stage for a fulfilling and impactful learning experience. You can. We'll Help.

Testing in person is available on a walk-in basis on all four TCC campuses.


There is no fee to take the placement test for TCC.

Test Score Access & Expiration

  • To locate your test scores, access the College Board Student Portal. You are able to email your scores to yourself or other institutions. You do not need to send the scores to TCC as we already have your scores on your student record.
  • TCC does not accept Accuplacer test scores taken for placement at other institutions; you must take the test(s) at TCC.
  • Personal test scores expire after 5 years1.

1If TCC changes the test or placement process, your score(s) will expire 2 years from the point the process or test changed.


  • The Accuplacer test has an accessibility wizard that may be used at any time by clicking on the icon located on the top right of every page of the test. This feature will allow you to adjust the font type and size, color scheme, and line spacing at any point during the test.
  • Accuplacer Placement tests are available in alternative formats such as braille, paper, large print, and audio CD.

If you require special testing accommodations, please apply for services with Accessibility Resources.

Remote Proctoring

  • We have only a few remote testing spots available each day. If you have a specific reason, like being sick or out of state, remote testing is for you. If you're nearby and can test on campus, please choose that option and save the remote spots for those who need them most.
  • We offer remote proctoring for Accuplacer using a video chat service. You will need a laptop or desktop computer with a webcam in order to do a remote testing session.

Sign-up for a Remote Session

Test Preparation

We strongly recommend you participate in the following preparation prior to your first test attempt:

  1. Create an account with Accuplacer
  2. Select Next Generation Practice Tests then the subject area that corresponds to the test you need to take:
    • Reading
    • Arithmetic
    • Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics
    • Advanced Algebra and Functions
  3. For the Writeplacer essay, please review the following guides to help prepare you for the Writeplacer (essay writing) assessment:

Additional Options to Prepare

Information and sample questions for all Next Generation Accuplacer Tests