Reverse Transfer

Discover Reverse Transfer benefits for smoother educational transitions and increased opportunities. Earn an associate degree while pursuing your bachelor's.

What is Reverse Transfer?

2 Year College: Completed College Credits-Transfer-4 Year College: Completed College Credits-Reverse Transfer-2 Year Degree: Combined Credits.

Reverse Transfer is part of the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education’s Complete College America initiative.

Many students enroll at community colleges and then transfer courses to a university toward a bachelor’s degree (without first completing their associate degree). Reversing this process and transferring courses from the university back to the community college, is called Reverse Transfer.

Students who transfer to a university before completing an associate degree and who have earned at least 15 credit hours from the community college may benefit from Reverse Transfer.

The university courses that are transferred back to the community college may be used to fulfill degree requirements at both institutions! Therefore, students may earn an associate degree from a community college while attending the university.

Why Should You Consider Reverse Transfer?

  1. Students with an Associate in Arts or an Associate in Science from an Oklahoma college may have some of their bachelor's degree courses waived.
  2. An associate degree is an accomplishment students can put on their resumes for job applications or promotions.
  3. Individuals with an associate degree have lower unemployment rates than those with only a high school diploma or some college.
  4. Finish what you started!

There are no negative effects on your current academic standing, progress toward your bachelor’s degree, financial aid, or anything else. It is simply a way for you to get the credentials you deserve.

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