University Transfer Planning: Your Path to a Bachelor's Degree

Every journey begins with a first step. If a four-year degree or higher is a part of your academic and career plan, it is never too early to start preparing. TCC is here to help you design a personal plan to reach your goals.

Explore Your Path to a Four Year Degree

Choose a Path

Your first step towards a bachelor’s degree is choosing an academic program and career of interest. Need help? Our Career Services Office has planning and assessment tools to help you explore your interests, career options, potential salaries, and anticipated job growth.

Apply for Scholarships & Financial Aid

Most TCC students qualify for some kind of financial aid. Financial Aid comes in many forms including grants, scholarships, loans, private sources, and more. The Tulsa Achieves Scholarship provides up to 100% tuition and fees to Tulsa County residents who are graduating high school seniors and enroll at Tulsa Community College the fall after they graduate. That is half your bachelor’s degree – covered!

Make A Plan

Once you have applied and been admitted to TCC, it is time to meet with an academic advisor to choose a major and make a plan. Make sure and let your academic advisor know at your first meeting about your bachelor’s degree goals and any universities you are considering.

Start Your Research

Your first academic year is a great time to start researching potential transfer universities! Check out the TCC Transfer Center and transfer student events like University Day to meet with university representatives. Don’t be afraid to visit with many different universities and to ask lots of questions!

Keep your academic advisor in the loop on your research when you meet with them to enroll for your next semester.

TCC Transfer Center

Continue Your Research

It is time to take your research to the next step and start comparing universities and narrowing down your list of possibilities. Dive into details about university academic programs, admission requirements, application deadlines, scholarships, and student resources. Use the TCC Transfer Research Worksheet to keep track of details and request a connection to a university to get your questions answered.

Connect with a TCC Faculty Expert

Faculty members in your major can provide expert advice about programs of study in your field. Ask for a time to speak with them about the bachelor’s degree programs you are exploring.

Make Sure You’re on Track

Meet with your TCC advisor and an advisor from your transfer university to verify your coursework is on track. Talk to these support resources early and often throughout your transfer planning!

Time to Apply

Deadlines can vary by program, typically two main semesters before you are planning to transfer is when you will need to prepare and submit your university application (Example: Apply in the fall semester if you plan to start your university the next fall). Don’t wait! Late applications may miss important scholarship and program deadlines.

Research Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship applications may also be due during this time. Explore scholarships at your university, as well as community and national scholarships. The TCC Foundation has some scholarships specifically for students transferring to universities. Need help with a scholarship essay? Visit the TCC Writing Center!

Renew your FAFSA and Review Your Financial Aid Information

The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) opens October 1 each year for the following academic year. This is an important step in preparing for transfer to your next institution and will help you know your overall costs early. The financial aid office at your transfer university can help you with this process and moving your aid.

Enroll at Your Transfer University

Choose classes and enroll at your university. Do this as early as possible to get the classes, times, and locations you need.

File for Graduation at TCC

Congratulations! You are ready to graduate with your TCC associate degree. File for graduation with your TCC advisor and remember to submit your official transcript to your university.

Attend New Student Orientation

Attend a transfer student or new student orientation at your university to learn about the resources, programs, and student experiences available. Getting involved on your new campus is proven to contribute to student success!


You will always be a part of the TCC family!

What Is Your Transfer Plan?

Have a transfer plan? Let us know! The optional survey below is for TCC students who have chosen which university they would like to attend and which academic major they plan to pursue. Responses will help TCC connect you with your university early and work with you to plan your transfer.

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