Course Enrollment & Management

On-Time Enrollment

Enrolling in your TCC class is important. You need to do it before your class starts. If you can't, there might be some special circumstances where Academic Advising can help.

Priority Enrollment

Priority is based on earned credit hours and does not include courses in progress. Discuss with Academic Advising your education plans before your enrollment date opens.

Priority Enrollment Opens
Eligibility Criteria2024 Summer and Fall2025 Spring2025 Summer
30 or more earned credit hoursMar 25, 2024Oct 28, 2024Mar 24, 2025
12 or more earned credit hoursApr 1, 2024Nov 4, 2024Mar 31, 2025
All studentsApr 8, 2024Nov 11, 2024Apr 7, 2025

If the class you want is already full, don't worry! You can join a waitlist. We'll send you an email when there's a spot available, and you'll have 24 hours to enroll.

Remember, waitlists are open until the Thursday just before classes start. After that, you can only enroll if there's an empty seat in the course.

Refer to the Academic Calendar for all academic dates.

Course Enrollment and Audits

Enrollment for courses is available within the dates indicated in the Academic Calendar. Once you've enrolled, you have one week to secure payment for your classes.

Please be aware that if you enroll after May 1 for the Summer Term, August 1 for the Fall Term, or January 1 for the Spring Term, you are required to make payment within 24 hours.

You can also explore TCC's course audit options, which encompass both Regular and Senior Resident choices.

Once your TCC Application for Admission has been processed, and you've received an email containing your login and password information (please note that these emails are sent throughout the day), you can proceed with the following course registration and enrollment steps.

  1. Login to MyTCC with your college-wide student ID number (e.g., T123456789) and password. New students: password information is sent in your welcome email.
  2. Go to your Account page.
  3. In the Enrollment & Registration Tools section, select Enroll Now (Drop / Add).
  4. Read the information, and then select Continue to Registration.
  5. To enroll in classes, choose Register for Classes.
  6. Select the term (semester) when you'll be taking the course.
  7. Choose the subject area you're interested in. For example, "ENGL 1113: Composition I" can be found under "English." If you're enrolling in a co-requisite course (like MATH 0123 & MATH 1513), follow these steps. If not, go to step 8.

    1. Find the course you want to enroll in, such as MATH 0123, and write down both the CRN number and co-requisite number.
    2. Click on "Enter CRNs" at the top of the enrollment screen, then click "Add another CRN" to create two boxes.
    3. Enter the CRN numbers for the linked courses you want to enroll in. Add them to the summary and submit. This will enroll you in both courses at the same time.

    Please note that the college-level course typically comes before the foundations course (for example, you may have MATH 1513 from 11-12:20 and MATH 0123 immediately following at 12:30). Make sure you can attend both classes at their scheduled times.

  8. To refine your search, select "Advanced Search" (for example, to find specific parts of the term, open sections, etc.).
  9. Click Search at the bottom of the page.
  10. Browse through the classes to find the course details you want, including time, day, and instructor.
    • Date Range: Hover over the meeting times box to see the date range when the class meets (for example, 1/16/18-5/13/18).
    • Days of the Week: Pay attention to the highlighted days on the schedules; these are the days when the class meets. If no days are highlighted, check if the class is online under the Campus heading.
  11. After selecting a class, click Add. This will show the schedule you've created. When you're happy with your temporary schedule, click Submit at the bottom to complete your enrollment.
  12. After finalizing your schedule, make sure your payment arrangements are in order. If you're temporarily registered, remember that you have a window of 24 hours to 1 week before you might be dropped, depending on when you enroll.

For assistance with course enrollment, contact the Student Support Center.

Regular Course Audit

You must complete the “Audit Contract” for each class being audited. Both you and the appropriate instructor must sign the form, and the request to audit must be completed before the close of the withdrawal period for the specific class. You may revert from audit to credit only during the schedule adjustment period for the specific course. You must adhere to the instructor’s class attendance and participation requirements. If you do not adhere to the instructor’s requirements, you may be withdrawn by the instructor for non-attendance. A grade of AU (audit) does not count in hours attempted or earned. Audited courses will not apply toward graduation requirements, financial aid, or veteran’s benefits.

Audit for Oklahoma Residents Who Are 65 Years or Older and Tuition Waiver

The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education approved a policy authorizing institutions of the State System to waive the fees for Oklahoma residents who are 65 years of age or older for auditing of academic courses — contingent upon space being available in the classrooms and laboratories housing such courses.

Information relative to this program is as follows:

  • Enrollment is open on a space-available basis on the date the class begins. People will be allowed to enroll at TCC under this plan only after the regular enrollment period preceding each semester and at times designated by the College. Enrollment is allowed only if the normal class limit has not been met. No class overloads will be allowed. Students must meet any proficiency requirements or prerequisites before enrolling.
  • Students must meet Oklahoma residency requirements as defined by the Oklahoma State Regents, be age 65 or older, and must verify both residency and age (e.g., by presenting a valid birth certificate, driver’s license, etc.).
  • A maximum of seven semester credit hours per regular semester and four semester credit hours in a summer term is allowed under this policy. If a student wishes to enroll in more than the maximum credit hours allowed, they must pay the regular fees for hours beyond the maximum.
  • Since the audit is mandatory under the fee waiver, the Director of Academic Advising's signature will authorize the audit status in lieu of other College officials.

Enroll and Audit Inquiries

To inquire about enrolling or auditing courses at TCC, please contact the Academic Advising office.

Contact Advising

Course Drop and Withdrawal

During the drop dates period specified in the Academic Calendar, you have the option to drop courses and receive a 100% refund. After this period, students may withdraw from classes; however, no refunds will be granted.

  1. Log in to MyTCC and visit your Account page.
  2. Within the Enrollment & Registration Tools section, select Enroll Now (Drop / Add).
  3. Choose Register for Classes and select the semester during which you intend to drop a course to view your list of enrolled courses.
  4. In the Action column, select Web Drop from the dropdown menu, then click Submit.

Course Withdrawal Requirements

  • You may withdraw from a course on or before the published withdrawal date.
  • A "W" or "Withdrawal" grade will be awarded on your transcript for the courses from which you withdraw.
  • The "W" grade will not affect your academic GPA.
  • You may face financial aid repercussions for unsatisfactory academic progress and become ineligible for financial aid in the following semester.
  • For students using Veteran Education benefits or for students submitting a Military Leave of Absence withdrawal, please contact the Veterans Services Office representative before completing a withdrawal form.
  • To initiate the withdrawal process, follow the Steps to Withdraw Classes.

Steps to Withdraw Classes

  1. Log in to Starfish to schedule an appointment with your assigned academic advisor.
    • If you do not have an assigned advisor or if you cannot schedule an appointment prior to the withdrawal deadline, please use one of our drop-in options.
    • If you cannot meet with an advisor before the deadline, email and request a withdrawal.
  2. After completing the instructions provided by the Academic Advisor, you will be contacted by a Financial Aid Specialist to discuss possible financial aid implications (if applicable).
  3. You will be notified when the withdrawal process is complete.

Drop and Withdrawal Assistance

Get support with course withdrawal and drop procedures.

Contact Advising