Chris Clevenger: 2018 History Grad

Chris Clevenger


Field of Study


Chris has his head stuck in the past, but his eye on a future in teaching at the collegiate level. A history enthusiast, he believes we must understand the past to navigate the present.

“I feel it’s very important in our society and culture to have a clear understand about the events and people from our past,” says Chris. “Everything that has happened is the story of what lead to where we are right now, and everything we do becomes history.”

After his time at TCC, Chris plans to transfer to Northeastern State University as a Social Studies major. From there, he wants to work for Teach for America while completing a Master’s degree.

Hometown: Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Major: History
Graduated: Fall 2018

What do you think makes you successful?
When I attempted college before, I was quite a bit younger and had a difficult time focusing. Or I was lazy, or both. Regardless, I know that in the world if you want to be successful it takes hard work and focus, and perhaps more importantly, to have a clear goal and plan. I just try every day to get a little closer to my goal by following a set plan.

Why did you choose TCC?
I went to TCC because I'm poor and the school accepted me. I think I had to prove to myself that I can be successful academically and TCC has been a great springboard for that.

What has been the most challenging part of attending college? 
The most challenging part has been finances. I went from working full time with a regular income to hardly working at all and having to make major sacrifices (including a phone).

What is the best thing about your college experience so far?
I think the best thing about TCC is the professors and advisors. I haven't had a bad experience with a professor yet. There have been several instances when professors have challenged me academically, but they have all been willing to listen and teach. My biggest fear when I started back was the stereotype of a professor that just lectures and leaves with no willingness to communicate. I'm glad to say that stereotype has been non-existent. The Academic Advisors have been especially helpful too. I can't fathom how busy Suzanne Pickering is and still able to maintain the attitude she has.

Has anyone from TCC helped with your success?
Again I would have to refer back to the professors and advisors and if I need to name names: Suzanne Pickering, Darin Combs, Patricia Trusky, Beverly Price, Corrine Kannenberg, David Charlson, Lesa Dickson, Steven Oliver, Robin Peterson, Beth Thompson, Clint Crowe have all been major influences on me.

Do you have a secret talent? 
I like to write stories. I'm not sure I would call myself talented at it, but I do enjoy it.