TCC Announces 50th Anniversary Plans

September 6, 2018
Tulsa Community College announces a series of events to celebrate the 50th anniversary of TCC and mark its role in developing northeastern Oklahoma’s workforce. Since opening in 1970 as Tulsa Junior College, the College has been a critical piece in training generations of workers and providing higher education to the greater Tulsa area. Nearly 450,000 students have walked through the doors as TCC has grown into one of the leading higher education institutions in the country and the third largest institution in Oklahoma.

TCC President & CEO Leigh B. Goodson, Ph.D., joined by Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum, former Tulsa Mayor Robert LaFortune, TCC President Emeritus Dean VanTrease, Ph.D. and TCC President Emeritus Thomas K. McKeon, Ed.D., revealed plans for a 50th anniversary community celebration. Anniversary celebration events include student celebrations, a TCC Admiral Twin Drive-In Night and a partnership with the Tulsa Historical Society to exhibit TCC’s impact on education and workforce development over the past five decades.   The College also announced the call for nominations for 50 Notable Alumni and will recognize one individual a week for 50 weeks leading up to the culmination of the 50th anniversary in Sept. 2020.

“We celebrate our history by highlighting the remarkable individuals who have benefitted from TCC by taking classes, graduating or starting their college career with us. They have all accomplished extraordinary things in their personal and professional lives,” said Goodson. “Founded in response to community demand, TCC has played a key role in training our workforce in this state and dates back to an innovative partnership and collaboration with American Airlines resulting in the decision to move, what was then, American’s SABRE Reservation System to Tulsa.”

TCC has served 433,775 individuals to date and awarded more than 70,000 degrees and certificates and had nearly four million course enrollments since the College started in 1970. For nearly five decades, TCC has had a significant positive impact on the business community. A recent economic impact report showed TCC and its students added $919.9 million in income to the greater Tulsa area economy, approximately equal to 1.9% of the region’s total gross regional product. In terms of the jobs supported by TCC’s economic impact, that $919.9 million supports 15,302 jobs.

“Our community is certainly stronger with TCC as part of its core. As a member of the 50th Anniversary President’s Commission, I ask former students, family members, friends and any interested persons to nominate notable individuals whose story of accomplishment began or was accelerated as a student at TCC,” said Cassie Reese Tipton, 50th Anniversary Celebration Commission, Alumni Recognition Committee Co-Chair.

Nominations are open now at and can be submitted by anyone. Nominees can range from a TCC graduate to an individual who has taken a single TCC course with selection based on professional accomplishments, contributions to community, leadership, and demonstration of TCC values. The 50 Notable Alumni nomination deadline is June 30, 2019.

“In addition, the 50th Anniversary Celebration Commission asks anyone who has historical items such as photos or memorabilia related to TCC or Tulsa Junior College, as it was known for many years, to contact us so we can possibly use the materials as part of our celebration. Help us share the history of TCC by sharing your story and TCC memorabilia,” said Lauren Brookey, TCC Vice President of External Affairs and TCC Foundation President.

The TCC 50th Anniversary Celebration is guided by a commission of former TCC students, Tulsa area business leaders and community leaders. TCC 50th Anniversary Celebration Commission members are Audrey Alcorn, Leeland Alexander, Anna America, Keith Ballard, Secretary of State Chris Benge, Chuck Blue, Konnie Boulter, Montie Box, Susie Brown, Mayor G.T. Bynum, Mike Cooper, Bill Corbitt, Gary Crooms, Barry Davis, Bill Derrevere, Jim Dunn, Peggy Dyer, John Gaberino, Martin Garber, Risha Grant, Wayne Greene, Jim Halligan, Susan Harris, Shiela Haynes, Yvonne Hovell, Hannibal Johnson, Michael Johnson, Commissioner Karen Keith, Dave Lawless, Nancy McDonald, Tom McKeon, Carol Messer, Susan Neal, Commissioner Ron Peters, Holly Raley, Cassie Reese Tipton, Kuma Roberts, Jana Shoulders, Kathy Taylor, Francisco Treviño, Dean VanTrease, and Michael Willis.

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