Art, A.A.

Unlock your creative potential with TCC's Art AA program. Explore the rich world of art through history, technique, and expression. Join us in fostering creativity and excellence.

About the Program

  • Dive into the world of art, from traditional forms like painting and sculpture to modern design and digital media.
  • Develop your artistic vision and technical skills, discovering your unique voice as you create.
  • Learn the language of art by delving into its historical and cultural contexts.
  • Embrace experimentation and critical thinking, nurturing your artistic growth.
  • Acquire the tools and techniques to bring your creative ideas to life.
  • Engage with both fine arts and applied arts, from canvas to digital design.
  • Learn from experienced professionals who are passionate about guiding your artistic journey.

Program Details

Embark on a creative journey that merges history, technique, and expression.

After successfully completing this program, you will have the ability to:

  • Demonstrate the proper use of tools and materials in art projects.
  • Create complete and unified works of art in a variety of media using the elements and principles of design.
  • Classify art media and design concepts.
  • Evaluate art projects with regard to the relationship of the elements and principles of design and the relationship between form and content.
  • Classify works of art according to media, technique and style.
  • Classify key works from the history of art according to cultural period styles.
  • Analyze key works from the history of art as they relate to historical and sociological context and cultural and stylistic influences.
  • Analyze the role and function of art in society.
  • Demonstrate writing proficiency on the subject of art.
  • Assemble a professional portfolio.

Shape your artistic journey with a blend of core courses and flexible electives. Create your unique path to success.

Degree Requirements

Navigate your degree with our guided map, ensuring you reach milestones and achieve excellence.

Program Map

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