Chemistry, A.S.

Explore the world of matter and its interactions with our Chemistry program. Start your journey today!

About the Program

  • Explore the composition, structure, and interactions of matter.
  • Gain essential knowledge applicable to various scientific fields.
  • Prepare for careers in allied health, medical fields like nursing, pre-med, and medical laboratory technology.
  • Get ready for programs in aerospace, agriculture, biology, engineering, environmental science, and petroleum engineering.

Program Details

Uncover the fundamental secrets of matter's composition, structure, and interactions. Embark on a versatile path leading to allied health, engineering, and more.

When you complete this program, you'll have the skills to:

  • Communicate chemical information using oral, written or digital presentation techniques.
  • Locate scientific literature.
  • Evaluate scientific literature.
  • Solve problems with scientific methods.
  • Use proper laboratory techniques.
  • Identify issues involving chemistry in society.
  • Apply core concepts of chemistry.
  • Explain chemical processes.
  • Integrate concepts from several disciplines around a central chemistry theme.
  • Illustrate scientific data with graphs, tables, or text.
  • Use chemical instrumentation.

Dive into chemistry with courses tailored to your journey. See the full list of requirements in our catalog.

Degree Requirements

Become a graduate in just two years as a full-time student following our degree map. For a personalized plan, meet an academic advisor. Aim for a minimum 2.0 GPA across 60 hours of coursework to earn your Associate in Science degree. Stay on course with our semester Milestones.

Program Map

Enhance your experience by joining student groups:

  • Club of Medical and Natural Sciences at Southeast Campus
  • Engineering and Science Association at Northeast Campus
  • MAD (Making A Difference) Scientist Club at West Campus
  • Science Club at Metro Campus

Speak to Chemistry faculty or visit the Student Life office for details. Get involved and thrive!

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