Digital Media, A.A.S.

Unlock your creative potential in Digital Media at TCC. Explore art, design, and technology for exciting careers.

About the Program

  • Digital Media combines various fields like computer science, art, video, music, journalism/mass communication, and design.
  • Taught through the Thomas K. McKeon Center for Creativity, this program equips digital media specialists for diverse careers.
  • Career options include graphic design, advertising, print media, digital photography, animation, digital character development, virtual cinematography, and more.
  • Students also learn about digital video, special effects, print and online reporting, and television broadcast production.
  • Interactive media, web development, online instructional technologies, and digital arts and entertainment business are essential aspects of the program.

Program Details

Digital Media at TCC is your pathway to an exciting career. Learn graphic design, animation, and more. Discover the future of creativity.

After successfully completing this program, you will have the ability to:

  • Identify key movements within the history of graphic design.
  • Interpret a creative brief.
  • Apply the principles and elements of design to various projects.
  • Employ tools of the trade, software, and hardware to complete projects.
  • Analyze problems using a creative process.
  • Critique solutions to a variety of design problems.
  • Create a portfolio.
  • Operate collaboratively and ethically within a professional environment.

See program requirements in detail. Find out what it takes to excel in Digital Media in Broadcast Production and Graphic Design. 

Degree Requirements

Explore a semester-by-semester course roadmap for either the Digital Media Broadcast Production Specialist or the Graphic Design Specialist, outlining the degree requirements.


Students are encouraged to consider membership in the Art Directors Club of Tulsa.

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Careers in Digital Media

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TCC Graduate in Digital Media

Balancing Dreams

"TCC has always been convenient and as a foster mother to my younger siblings,TCC was a simple choice. A place for me to work on my dream. TCC gave me the option to be available to those at home and still work on what I aspire to do."

Ashley Barr-Woollard

Graduate, Digital Media

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