Electronics Technician Certificate - Electronics Technology

Kickstart your career in electronics with our Electronics Technician Certificate program. Gain hands-on skills for in-demand tech jobs.

About the Program

  • This program equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to secure jobs as an electronics, biomedical, electrical substation, or electro-mechanical technician.
  • The program includes a 12-hour core training in electronics, recommended by industry professionals, in addition to the required math prerequisites.
  • Choose two or more electives in your preferred area of study to complete your training and earn your certificate.
  • This option is also suitable for individuals who already hold a degree in another field, aiming to broaden their job prospects.
  • The program allows for credits from approved Military Electronics Training Facilities or Vocational Training Centers to be applied.

Program Details

Explore our Electronics Technician Certificate program, where you'll learn valuable skills for diverse tech careers.

After successfully completing this program, you will have the ability to:

  • Explain the protection and application of electrical safety.
  • Determine the readings of a DMM.
  • Calculate series and parallel circuits.
  • Measure power circuits.
  • Troubleshoot power supply circuits.

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Certificate Requirements

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Program Map

Electronics majors will find valuable opportunities through membership in the TCC Amateur Radio and Electronics Club and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) student branch at TCC.

For additional information, please contact the organization advisor, Thomas Henderson, at the School of Engineering and Applied Technology on the Northeast Campus.

Clubs & Organizations

Program Contact

School of Mathematics & Engineering

Student Success and Career Center at Southeast

Careers in Electronics Technician

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