Electronics Technology, A.A.S.

Unlock your future in electronics with our A.A.S. program. Gain skills for diverse tech careers.

About the Program

  • This program helps students gain the knowledge and skills needed for jobs like engineering technician, field service technician, research and development technician, or production technician in the electronics field.
  • Students in this program will learn how to troubleshoot and build solid-state amplifiers, analyze communication antennas, and develop digital circuit programs.
    After the foundational training, students can choose an area of emphasis, including electrical design electronics, biomedical electronics, industrial maintenance, or becoming an electrical substation technician.
  • Graduates can enhance their resumes by qualifying for industry certifications offered by organizations like the International Society of Certified Electronic Technicians (ISCET), the Electronics Technicians Association (ETA), General Radio Operators License (GROL-FCC), and the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET).
  • This program also accepts incoming credits from approved Military Electronics Training Facilities and approved coursework completed in Vocation Electronics programs.

Program Details

Our Electronics Technology A.A.S. program equips you with real-world skills for a variety of tech jobs.

After successfully completing this program, you will have the ability to:

  • Apply electrical safety.
  • Demonstrate usage of test equipment.
  • Solve parallel and series circuits.
  • Solve complex AC circuits.
  • Analyze solid state amplifiers.
  • Develop digital logic diagrams.
  • Analyze antenna performance.

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Degree Requirements

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Program Map

Electronics majors will find valuable opportunities through membership in the TCC Amateur Radio and Electronics Club and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) student branch at TCC.

For additional information, please contact the organization advisor, Thomas Henderson, at the School of Engineering and Applied Technology on the Northeast Campus.

Clubs & Organizations

Program Contact

School of Mathematics & Engineering

Student Success and Career Center at Southeast

Careers in Electronics Technology

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