English, A.A.

Get ready for diverse careers with an A.A. in English. Develop critical skills in research, writing, and more.

About the Program

  • Prepare for a wide range of careers.
  • Develop essential skills in research, critical thinking, and effective writing.
  • Immerse in diverse human experiences through literature, creative writing, research, and rhetoric.
  • Achieve a grade of "C" or higher in required English major courses.
  • Thrive in an environment that encourages reading, writing, discussion, and creative thinking.
  • Gain exposure to profound ideas of our time.
  • Contribute to the student-edited literary journal, The Tulsa Review.
  • Participate in creative writing contests with cash prizes.
  • Engage in service-learning to explore diversity, community, and inclusion.
  • Elevate discussions with Honors classes.
  • Explore original literary research opportunities.
  • Benefit from dedicated and engaging faculty members.

Program Details

Discover the world of literature, hone creative writing, and gain vital skills. Learn more about the English A.A.

After successfully completing this program, you will have the ability to:

  • Formulate ideas based on informed reading of texts, their elements, and their contexts.
  • Evaluate diverse literary works of various genres, styles, traditions, and movements.
  • Use secondary sources in various media.
  • Compose clear, focused, convincing, thesis-driven analytical essays.
  • Create interpretative arguments based on original thought.

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Degree Requirements

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Program Map

The English Department selects and oversees student editors for TCC's online literary journal, The Tulsa Review.

Clubs & Organizations

Program Contact

English Program

School of Communication, English, & World Languages
TCC Metro Campus
909 South Boston Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74119

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