Political Science, A.A.

Explore politics and governance in our Political Science, A.A. program. Gain insights into political behavior and systems.

About the Program

  • Political science, also known as government, is a social science.
  • It focuses on how systems of governance work and involves analyzing political activities, thoughts, and behavior.
  • The field explores the theory and practice of politics, which often revolves around deciding how power and resources are distributed.
  • Political scientists aim to uncover the underlying relationships in political events and conditions.
  • From these discoveries, they try to establish general principles about how the political world functions.

Program Details

Discover the world of politics through our A.A. in Political Science. Understand governance and political activities.

After successfully completing this program, you will have the ability to:

  • Synthesize the fundamental political processes, institutions, actors, and ideas.
  • Evaluate significant political events and historical figures.
  • Explain how factors such as religion, race, gender, ethnicity, class, or region influence political narratives.
  • Communicate political arguments in oral or written forms.
  • Explain how one’s political participation impacts the political process.

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Degree Requirements

Plan your path in Political Science. See the courses that will shape your understanding of politics.

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Program Contact

School of Liberal Arts & Public Service
TCC Metro Campus
909 South Boston Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74119

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