Private Pilot Certificate - Aviation Sciences Technology

Launch your pilot journey with TCC's Private Pilot Certificate. Gain skills for FAA certification and real flights.

About the Program

  • This program gets you ready to apply for a Federal Aviation Administration Private Pilot Certificate through essential flight and ground training.
  • The program is 5-credit hours, made up of two courses to get the foundational knowledge you need for flying and to apply what you've learned in real flight situations.

Program Details

Get hands-on aviation experience through our Private Pilot Certificate program. Learn aviation fundamentals, flight navigation, and more.

After successfully completing this program, you will have the ability to:

  • Be prepared for the FAA Private Pilot Written Examination.
  • Be prepared for the FAA Private Pilot Practical Test.
  • Integrate aeronautical decision-making principles within professional flying.
  • Operate an airplane in a safe and proficient manner.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Federal Aviation Regulations.

Ready for takeoff? Check out program prerequisites and course requirements.

Certificate Requirements

Follow your journey to becoming a pilot. Explore the step-by-step program map in our catalog. Your flight path starts here.

Program Map

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