Course Program of Study (CPoS)

The U.S. Department of Education requires that institutions ensure financial aid funds are used to pay for courses that apply to a student’s degree program. Until recently, the technology has not been available to provide an automated way to check each student’s schedule each term. TCC implemented CPoS in Summer 2020.

As a Pathways Institution, this isn’t just about financial aid, but rather ensuring our students are enrolled in the correct classes needed to graduate in order to progress towards degree completion.

When did CPoS become a requirement?

TCC will begin implementing CPOS for the summer 2020 term, but it has been a federal requirement for many years.

What type of financial aid does CPoS affect?

​All Title IV federal student aid including Federal Pell Grants, Federal Supplemental Grant (SEOG), Federal Direct Loans and Federal Work-Study may be affected by CPoS. These types of aid will only pay for eligible courses that count towards the student’s program of study. Tulsa Achieves is also affected by CPoS.

I’m enrolled in 12 credit hours, but four of those hours don’t count towards my officially declared program of study. How does that affect my financial aid?

Federal Financial aid will be disbursed based on the 8 credit hours that apply towards your officially declared program of study. The Federal Pell Grant award will be reduced from a full-time enrollment award to a half-time enrollment award. You may be eligible to receive Federal Loans because you are enrolled at least half-time status in eligible coursework. However, because your cost of attendance (COA) will also be reduced to half-time, your total aid may be reduced since it cannot exceed your COA.

How will I know if I’m affected by CPoS?

Students enrolled in courses impacted by CPOS will be notified via their TCC email and will have an alert posted on their MyTCC Financial Aid Dashboard. For the Fall term, alerts and emails will be posted and sent beginning in June.

How do I find my current major?

Log into MyTCC. In Quick Links, click Degree Works. View Major in the top header. Learn more about Degree Works.

How do I change my major?

If you’re considering a major change you must meet with an Academic Advisor.

How will I be notified if I’m are taking the right courses to satisfy their financial aid requirements?

Once CPoS is fully implemented at TCC, you will receive an email via your TCC email account regarding your registration and courses not counted in your program within 2-3 days after completing registration. Students can also see an alert in their MyTCC account. Students should monitor their TCC email account and take action promptly.

What should I do if I’m taking a course that is not counted in my program and I think it should?

If you think a course should count, but it isn’t, you should contact your Academic Advisor.

Is Tulsa Achieves affected by CPoS?

Yes, Tulsa Achieves is a gap funding program and students are required to complete a FAFSA. Tulsa Achieves students are held to the same standards as students who receive other types of financial aid for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and will be held to the same standards for CPoS. Tulsa Achieves will not pay for courses that do not count toward a student’s plan of study.

How will CPoS impact elective courses?

It might. Electives must satisfy a requirement of your declared major. If you have been notified that an elective is not counting toward your Federal Financial Aid eligibility, contact your Academic Advisor. Advisors will reevaluate your program of study and see if an override is needed.

I need to take some developmental classes in Reading, Math, and Writing and they are not on my degree requirements. Will financial aid cover those?

Developmental classes are eligible for financial aid funding up to a maximum of 30 attempted remedial hours. As long as the student is otherwise eligible for financial aid, the credits for the remedial courses will be considered as in the program and eligible for financial aid.

Can I still take courses that do not count toward my degree or certificate?

Students receiving financial aid are welcome to take classes that are not required for their program of study. However, they will need to pay for those classes out-of-pocket or with excess financial aid.

Can I repeat a course and still receive financial aid?

The course must count toward your program of study and meet the federal and institutional requirements for repeating a course. See Repeat Coursework Policy.

Are scholarships affected by CPoS?

Private scholarships do not require that students enroll in courses in their program of study. Scholarship awards will not be based on classes counted in the student’s major.