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American Sign Language Education, A.A. - Services to the Deaf

Associate in Arts (AA)

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The Services to the Deaf option is designed to provide education and training for individuals seeking to work with deaf people within the public and private sectors of the federal, state and local agencies. Students gain basic knowledge, skills, and values necessary to communicate and interact with deaf people. This program emphasizes the acquisition of American Sign Language, the appreciation of deaf culture, and the social sciences. This option complements upper division coursework related to counseling and rehabilitation services for the deaf at a four-year university.

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Bethany Niman

An honors scholar, recipient of the George and Donna Nigh Public Service Scholarship, a True Blue Leader, and President of the TRIO Student Association, to say Bethany Niman is involved at TCC is a bit of an understatement. But she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Bethany Niman

Bethany Niman

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