Digital Media, A.A.S.

Associate in Applied Science (AAS)

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  • Southeast
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(918) 595-7752 School of Visual & Performing Arts
School of Visual & Performing Arts
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Digital Media is an interdisciplinary area of study combining computer science, art, video, music, journalism/mass communications, and design. Through the Center for Creativity, digital media specialists prepare for careers in graphic design, advertising, print media, digital photography, animation, digital character development, virtual cinematography, digital video, special effects, print and online reporting, television broadcast production, interactive media, web site development, online instructional technologies and business related to digital arts and entertainment.

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Ashley Barr-Woollard

TCC has always been convenient and as a foster mother to my younger siblings,TCC was a simple choice. A place for me to work on my dream. TCC gave me the option to be available to those at home and still work on what I aspire to do.

Ashley Barr-Woollard

Ashley Barr-Wolllard

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