Work That Story: March Edition

Graphic that reads: Storycurious: Storytelling Workshops For All with OK, So Tulsa logo and McKeon Center for Creativity logo

Are you considering throwing your name in the hat to tell a story at the Ok, So Tulsa Story Slam in March? Here’s your chance to workshop your story in a safe and supportive online environment. Winners of the Ok, So Tulsa’s annual “Best Storyteller Competition” will help you develop your story by providing feedback and storytelling tips. Please join the online workshop ready to tell your true, personal story that’s no longer than 5 minutes. Rough drafts are encouraged – there’s no such thing as a perfect story!

Winning Storytellers Sloan Davis and Josh Baker will provide helpful questions and feedback throughout the session. This month's theme is Confessions. To get the Zoom link, sign up for our newsletter: