Joseph K. Digges, D.D.S.

Joseph K. Digges



TCC 50 Notable Alumni

Joseph (Joe) attended Tulsa Junior College, now Tulsa Community College, in 1970, the year it opened as the first public higher education option in Tulsa. “Financially unable to attend a big university, TJC provided an affordable alternative and the timing could not have been better,” he said. Self-described as a “less than stellar high school student,” he says he blossomed at TJC.

Joe helped start the TJC Student Activities Committee and became its first chairman in 1970. He would also visit a joint session of the Oklahoma legislature with TJC Founding President Dr. Al Philips in 1971 to present a petition signed by students showing appreciation for their work in creating and continuing to support the College.

He also met his wife, Nancy, at TJC. “She was also a student. Our first date was an end-of-the-year school dance on May 14, 1971. We were married that same year on August 8, 1971,” he added. “Nancy and I left TJC without officially going through graduation. However, years later, we felt the need to have our diplomas, so we applied for and received them in December 1993.”

Graduating from dental college in 1982, Joe was involved with community organizations, including Tulsa Habitat for Humanity. He also organized “Share-a-Smile” program, which provided dental care for underprivileged children.

He spoke at TCC’s 25th Silver Anniversary celebration on September 14, 1995. In addition, he was also honored as a Best of TCC Distinguished Alumni in 2000. Joe and Nancy have three daughters, all whom attended TCC.