Justice Robinson

Justice Robinson


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Justice Robinson is graduating from Tulsa Community College with an Associate in Science, Biology. She is a non-traditional student who took a six-year break between high school and starting college.

From a lower socioeconomic background, she said she couldn’t afford to go to college after high school. She moved around – living in three different states - as she spiraled into depression. Eventually, she sought treatment and with cognitive behavior therapy she is doing well.

After moving to Tulsa and when her living situation didn’t work out, she lived in her car for a brief time determined not to move back home and give up. Within two weeks, she moved in with her ex-boyfriend's family and shortly after that applied to TCC. Her challenges didn’t end when she started classes. She still faced family issues and moved at least seven times.

Her experience with depression and wanting to understand how the brain works sparked her interest in Neuroscience. Her ultimate plan is to earn a Ph.D. and conduct research in neurobiology, to understand changes in the brain.

Justice is a 2020 Goldwater Scholar, designed to foster and encourage outstanding students to pursue research careers in the fields of the natural sciences, engineering, and mathematics.

She is transferring to the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill to complete her bachelor’s degree. She picked the university because of its Neuroscience program and because it is part of The Research Triangle.