Y@TCC: YMCA & TCC Partner to Create Healthier Tulsans

The start of the new school year brings together two respected Tulsa entities in a new partnership that offers benefits for thousands of individuals across the greater Tulsa metro area.

YMCA of Greater Tulsa and Tulsa Community College have joined together to operate the fitness centers on all four TCC campuses - Metro, Northeast, Southeast and West - located throughout Tulsa County. Renamed Y@TCC, a grand opening event was held at each facility on August 24 as students returned for the start of a new semester.

“This allows TCC to expand opportunities for our students as well as our employees to help create a healthy lifestyle and improve quality of life for the more than 20,000 TCC students and nearly 2,000 employees,” said Leigh Goodson, TCC president & CEO.

The fitness centers, now Y@TCC, have been a meaningful part of TCC’s culture for decades and currently play a vital role in the health and wellbeing of students, employees, and community. For students, access to the Y@TCC comes through student activity fees they pay each semester and they can use any of the four campus facilities for free. TCC subsidizes the cost for any employee who wants to use the Y@TCC.

At the same time, this partnership provides a deeper connection to the community and local families, as the Y@TCC is part of the network of 14 YMCA of Greater Tulsa’s facilities across the Tulsa metro area. Residents who are currently YMCA members can also utilize the Y@TCC facilities as part of their membership.

“This partnership will create a lasting personal, social, and community change,” said Rikki Wimmer, YMCA of Greater Tulsa CEO. “The Y is dedicated to connecting with young people, investing in our community, and working relentlessly to strengthen our neighborhoods and cities.”

The YMCA of Greater Tulsa reinvested nearly $2 million into Tulsa-area families through membership and program subsidy to ensure everyone has access, regardless of ability to pay.

At each of the Y@TCC locations, nearly all the equipment has been upgraded and replaced, offering the newest and most current work-out options. Plus, MyTime Studio Powered by Les Mills streams classes in a variety of formats from open to close each day.

With this partnership, the Y family is growing. The YMCA and TCC embrace shared opportunities and are proud to be unified in our commitment to excellence and service to our community. TCC students should visit one of the Y@TCC locations to become a member.