Tulsa Community College welcomes the public’s right to know and be informed about certain operations of the College. The College is committed to protecting that basic right and upholding the state’s Open Records Act, Okla. Stat. tit 51 §24A.1-24A.32.

Tulsa Community College also has a responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of certain records as outlined by state or federal statutes. Records in these restricted categories include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Individual student records
  2. Personal communications about individual students
  3. Teacher lesson plans, tests and other teaching material
  4. Material gathered in anticipation or preparation for trial or adversarial administrative proceedings
  5. Records protected under law, such as attorney-client and physician-patient
  6. Contents of sealed bids prior to the date established for public opening
  7. Donor information

The format of the information being supplied will be determined by Tulsa Community College to be the most appropriate and least disruptive to the functions of the unit(s) providing the information.

Tulsa Community College charges a fee for the direct cost of copying. Any request for materials that will be used solely for commercial purposes, or those requests that will cause excessive disruption of work will be charged at a rate to recover the direct costs of document search plus copying costs. See fee schedule for details.

Optimum requests are narrow and directed to specific documents with specific components. Some requests may require significant time to fulfill and thus might take longer to process.

You may begin the process by completing the Open Records Request Form.

Open Records Request Form

Fee Schedule

Tulsa Community College (the "College") establishes the following fees relating to requests for records under the Oklahoma Open Records Act (the "Act").

  1. Fees for Copying, Reproducing or Certifying: The College, when permitted by the Act, will charge the following fees for copying, reproducing or certifying records:
    1. Twenty-five cents ($0.25) per page for documents having the dimensions of eight and one-half (8-1/2) by fourteen (14) inches or smaller.
    2. One Dollar ($1.00) per copied page for a certified copy.
    3. The fee for all other records shall be the direct cost of the copying or mechanical reproduction of the record.
  2. Search Fee: If the request for the document copying and or mechanical reproduction is solely for commercial purpose or clearly would cause excessive disruption of the essential functions of the College, then in addition to the above fee, there shall also be charged a document search fee as follows:
    1. If it is necessary to search the College's records in order to locate the records requested, a reasonable fee to recover the direct cost of the record search, and, if necessary, for time spent reviewing or redacting records prior to production, may be charged. In most cases, the minimum rate of $25.00 per hour will apply. However, a higher rate might apply if the subject matter of the request merits a higher level of review. The direct cost shall include, but not be limited to, the total cost of the individual's or individuals' time involved in the record search and reviewing and redacting, including but not limited to base salary, all benefits, taxes, burdens and pension costs.
    2. A document search fee shall not be charged when the release of said documents is in the public interest, including, but not limited to, release to the news media, scholars, authors, and taxpayers seeking to determine whether those entrusted with the affairs of government are honestly, faithfully, and competently performing their duties as public servants, unless authorized by law.
  3. Payment of Fees: Upon request for copies of records, an estimate of the charges that may reasonably accrue will be calculated and provided to the person requesting the information. The final cost may be more or less than the estimate. If the person making the request for copies cancels the copying request or if the actual time or number of copies produced is less than the estimate, the charge will be decreased accordingly. A cost deposit may be required for search fees or copying fees prior to processing the request. If the person making the original request asks for other material that requires additional time or copies, the actual cost will be increased accordingly. The final cost must be paid in full before the information is released.

See Fee Schedule, stamped version.

Subpoena Requests for Student Records

In order to process student record subpoenas in a timely manner; requests should be mailed directly to the Registrar's Office, Tulsa Community College, 909 S. Boston Ave., Tulsa, OK 74119. Subpoenas can also be sent securely via fax to 918-595-7347.