Ange-Belle Mbetsi

Ange-Belle Mbetsi - True Blue Lead

Ange-Belle Mbetsi believes in being involved.

A True Blue LEAD, she is neck deep in all things TCC all the time. She works part-time in the financial aid office on TCC’s Southeast Campus, at Wal-Mart, and as an interpreter in both Spanish and French. She’s also trying to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.

“I’m an active person,” she says. “Being here, you have to be active if you want to stand out and reach your goals. My grandma tells me all the time, ‘I didn’t go to college or finish high school. If you are here, you are going to school because you have the resources. Do it.’”

Mbetsi’s family is from Cameroon, though they moved to Spain when she was eight years old. Two years ago, they came to the United States, and she graduated from Broken Arrow High School. A high school advisor guided her toward TCC. She’s making the most of her experience.

“Professors and staff members have helped me evolve and grow as a person,” says Mbetsi. “They’ve helped me view myself more positively and become more organized. I was disorganized before. And being here has helped me learn more about the community. It’s not just education.”

She shares her knowledge with TCC students and members of the community, and loves being a True Blue Leader.

“It makes me feel super good,” she says. “I go around helping students, or just helping anyone. It’s really great. I enjoy it. Sometimes, I go to work and I volunteer at work. It’s something I’m passionate about.”

The College is only her first stop. Many people in her family have advanced degrees, and she says most of them are doctors or engineers. She plans to follow their lead.

“I want to get my bachelor’s in chemical engineering, and hopefully then become a doctor,” she says. “That’s my passion.”