Becca McLaughlin

Becca McLaughlin Pre-Nursing, A.S.

Hometown: Bristow, Oklahoma

Major: Pre-nursing

Expected Date of Graduation: May 2019

A member of the Student Government Association, Becca’s making the most of her time at TCC. Becca chose nursing for her career because she loves meeting and helping people. She describes herself as full of grit and determination, and always has a knock-knock joke on the ready. After TCC, she plans to pursue her Bachelors of Nursing at either Oklahoma State University or the University of Central Oklahoma.

What has been the most challenging part of attending college?

Having to figure things out on my own.

What has been your favorite class and why?

Biology. It was extremely challenging, but I learned a lot and I know I earned the grade I received.

Has anyone from TCC helped with your success?

Jennifer Champion. She is the most amazing person I have met at TCC. She’s always willing to help and listen, and there when I need a laugh or word of encouragement.