Kevin Hilliard

University of Tulsa, Nursing Transfer Student Pre-Nursing, A.S.

Kevin Hilliard graduated debt-free from TCC in May 2021. He earned a Pre-Nursing degree and transferred to the University of Tulsa to complete a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.

“Going into TCC, I knew I had a plan to transfer to a four-year university,” said Hilliard. “Initially, I thought my journey would take me out-of-state but once I saw the degree maps for TCC’s transfer partners, I was persuaded to stay in Oklahoma. The transfer agreements between institutions made the entire process very easy to move from TCC to TU.”

He took concurrent classes while a student at Broken Arrow High School. After graduating high school, he switched his major from Pre-Professional Health Sciences to Pre-Nursing because of the additional opportunities and specialties.

“I can brag that I did my first two years and left TCC without a single student loan. I am going into my third year of college debt-free as compared to many of my friends who went to a four-year university.”

He is grateful for his start at TCC and the benefit of using Tulsa Achieves to pay for his first two years of college.

“For me, TCC was a valuable experience. As someone coming out of high school, I would want to ask them what a four-year university experience is worth to them and how much debt they want to have. My advice is to take advantage of Tulsa Achieves.”