Logan Jones

Logan Jones's Story

Logan Jones is interested in starting his own company. So, his goal is to get through college with as little student debt as possible.

Already familiar with Tulsa Community College through dual credit enrollment while in high school, that path made the most sense financially.

“The advice I give to other students is that if you don’t have a ridiculously good scholarship, like a full ride or academic scholarship, you should go to TCC the first two years,” said Jones.

While at TCC, he received scholarships to help finance his degree and graduated with an Associate in Science Mathematics as an Honors Scholar in Summer 2020. He plans to transfer to the University of Tulsa to study Applied Mathematics and Engineering.

“TCC is affordable and has the benefit of being one of the lowest cost options in the region. I chose to pursue a degree at TCC because of the transfer agreements the college maintains. Completing an associate degree, then transferring is a much smoother process and increases your academic standing,” said Jones.