Patti Tremonti

TCC 50 Notable Alumni

50th Anniversary Notable Alumni Feature Patti Tremonti: Although Patti started attending Tulsa Junior College, now Tulsa Community College, right after high school in 1985, she wouldn’t graduate until 2016 with a degree in Liberal Arts. Taking a break from her studies to get married, become a mom and work full time, she made the decision in her 40s to go back to school because she knew the value of an education.

“It took me 31 years to complete my education, but without TCC this would have never been possible,” she said. “TCC provided me the flexibility to attend online classes while still working and consulting full time. Having my family present at my TCC graduation was a special moment.”

While at TCC she was the founding President of the Student Government Association for the Southeast Campus, a member of Phi Theta Kappa and worked in the Student Activities Center. “This experience helped me find my voice and self confidence that has led me to be passionate about serving others, helping them become the person they were created to be,” she said.

After earning a degree at TCC, she went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in Administrative Leadership. “My purpose now is to come along side others and help them grow in their talents while offering my skills to train volunteers and those benefiting from nonprofit services,” she said. A founding member of The John Maxwell Leadership Team, Patti currently serves as the Training and Development Manager for the Nelson Auto Group. In addition, she was an Adjunct instructor at Tulsa Tech.