Audio Engineering Certificate

Help the world hear what you hear with our Audio Engineering Certificate. Develop a musician's mind and a technician's touch in this hands-on, immersive training program.

About the Program

Has a musical recording ever changed your life? Has a live concert ever moved you to tears? Behind the artist’s performance, there was a dedicated audio engineer who shaped the sound that made it such a powerful experience. 

TCC’s Audio Engineering Certificate puts you in the driver’s seat of that experience. At the TCC Southeast Campus's recording studio, you can get hands-on experience with a Neve console and hear the clarity of a Neumann microphone. Our dedicated faculty will teach you the theory and history behind the music you love, and launch you into the business of music to build your career. 

You will learn skills like:

  • Selecting and positioning microphones
  • Mixing on a hardware console and in recording software
  • Planning and promoting a concert or recording release event

Tulsa is home to iconic venues and recording spaces like Cain’s Ballroom and the Church Studio; make your home in Tulsa’s vibrant musical community with the help of TCC.


Program Details

Upon successful completion of this program, you will be able to:

  • Communicate about musical style, acoustics, sound production, timbre, equipment as it relates to sound engineering in a music recording and live sound setting.
  • Apply your understanding of recording equipment, music theory, aural theory, the practice of music to live concerts or recording sessions.
  • Analyze the properties of sounds waves and demonstrate understanding of how to translate this into electrical and digital signals.
  • Evaluate sound quality, balance, timbral quality in both recording or live setting and solve audio problems in real-time.
  • Design creative and logical solutions to audio problems in recording sessions and live concert settings using the latest analog-digital hybrid recording technology.

TCC can equip you with the fundamental knowledge and skills to work as an audio engineer. We will prepare you to work in the fields of music recording and live sound for concerts and other public events. Check out the program requirements and map of courses you will be taking.

Certificate Requirements
Program Map

Program Contact

Steven Eiler

School of Visual & Performing Arts
TCC Southeast Campus
10300 East 81st Street
Tulsa, OK 74133

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