Fire & Emergency Medical Services Certificate

Start your journey in Fire & Emergency Medical Services. Learn vital skills and certifications. Launch your career.

About the Program

  • This program is recognized by the National Fire Academy for Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education.
  • It provides education on the fundamental principles and practical aspects of fire and emergency medical services.
  • Successful students can obtain state and national certifications necessary for jobs with various organizations, including fire departments, industrial firms, government agencies, fire protection companies, healthcare agencies, and emergency medical services agencies.
  • If you aim to start a career in municipal fire departments, you'll need certification as a Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician (FF/EMT).
  • Completing this certificate is a requirement for enrolling in the Associate of Applied Science Fire and Emergency Medical Services Technology degree.

Program Details

Discover the Fire & Emergency Medical Services Certificate. Gain essential knowledge for fire and EMS careers.

After successfully completing this program, you will have the ability to:

  • Communicate within the National Incident Management System.
  • Integrate fire service laws, rules, and regulations.
  • Sustain professional development with relevant resources.
  • Work collaboratively and respectfully within the community.

All other course prerequisites are indicated in the College Catalog and must be satisfied before enrollment.

Certificate Requirements

Plan your path to success. Explore the program map.

Program Map

  • Complete all TCC applications and entry requirements.
  • Future students must pass an appropriate College placement test for reading and writing at a successful level as a prerequisite for enrolling in the program courses.
  • All other course prerequisites are indicated in the TCC catalog and must be satisfied before enrollment.

Program Contact

Program Coordinator
Donnell Campbell

School of Health Sciences
TCC Northeast Campus
3727 East Apache Street
Tulsa, OK 74115

Admission to the Program
Student Success and Career Center at Southeast

Careers in Fire & Emergency Medical Services

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