Pre-Pharmacy, A.S.

Start your pharmacy journey with us. Learn drug science and patient care.

About the Program

  • Pharmacists need to understand drugs' properties and their effects on the body.
  • They work in different places like community pharmacies, hospitals, drug companies, and government agencies.
  • Pharmacists can care for patients, teach at schools, or do research in pharmacy.
  • You'll study for at least two full-time academic years, but many students need around three years for prerequisite courses.

Program Details

Dive into the world of pharmacy. Understand drug properties, patient care, and research.

After successfully completing this program, you will have the ability to:

  • Communicate pharmaceutical information using oral, written, or digital presentation techniques.
  • Solve problems with scientific methods.
  • Use proper laboratory techniques.
  • Identify issues involving pharmacology in society.
  • Explain the physical and chemical properties of drugs as well as their particular biologic effects.
  • Integrate concepts from several disciplines around a central pharmacological theme.
  • Illustrate scientific data with graphs, tables, or text.
  • Use chemical instrumentation.
  • Find scientific literature.
  • Evaluate scientific literature.

Explore program prerequisites and curriculum. For full details, check our catalog.

Degree Requirements

Plan your journey through the program. Find more information in our catalog.

Program Map

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