Admission for Undocumented Eligible High School Graduates

Unlocking Opportunities for Undocumented Graduates - Your Path to Higher Education Starts Here.

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At TCC, we're all about community and opportunities. We welcome everyone, regardless of where you come from. If you're a DREAMer, DACAmented, or an undocumented student, we stand with you, and we're here to support you on your path to a college education. You can do it, and we've got your back!

Let's Get Started: Apply for Admission

Ready to take the first step? Applying to TCC is easy and online. If you're an undocumented student, don't worry about applying as an international student. Our application process allows you to identify yourself, whether or not you have DACA status.

Start Your Admission Application

Got questions about immigration status or DACA? Send us an email at

Qualify for In-State Tuition

At TCC, we want to make education accessible and affordable for everyone, including undocumented students. Here's how you can qualify for in-state tuition rates:

  1. Graduated from an Oklahoma High School:
    You need to have graduated from a public or private high school in Oklahoma.
  2. Resided in Oklahoma:
    You should have lived in Oklahoma with a parent or guardian while attending classes in the state for at least two years prior to high school graduation.
  3. Enrolled in an Oklahoma Institution:
    After high school, secure admission into and enroll in an institution within the Oklahoma state system of higher education.
  4. Document Submission:
    Provide one of the following documents:
    1. A copy of a true and correct application or petition filed with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services to legalize your status.
    2. Affidavit of Intent : While not a requirement for admission, submitting the Affidavit of Intent can help make college more affordable.

Reach Out to Us

Need assistance or more information? Our Education Outreach Center is here for you. ¡Hablamos Español!

Education Outreach Center
2201 S. Garnett Road
Tulsa, OK 74129

Scholarships & Support

TCC is here to support you at every step. We've got programs for high schoolers and college students. Let us guide you through the array of opportunities available for DREAMers.

Get College Credits: Dual Credit Tuition Waiver

Even in high school, you can start earning college credit and get tuition waivers. Let's talk about Dual Credit Programs!

Scholarship Opportunities

My Dream / Mi Sueño Scholarship

Are you an undocumented high school senior in Tulsa or Rogers county? Apply for the My Dream / Mi Sueño Scholarship and make your dreams a reality.

My Promise / Mi Promesa Scholarship

TCC students with passing grades, this scholarship is for you. Reach out to Education Outreach Center if you need more details.

Mexican Consulate Scholarship

Mexican or of Mexican origin? There's a scholarship waiting for you. Let's discuss the details.

TCC Foundation Support

Undocumented students, you might qualify for awards through TCC Foundation Scholarships. Explore the opportunities.

Additional Resources

For more resources and opportunities that don't require U.S. citizenship or a social security number, check out Aspiring Americans. They've got scholarships and grants to support your journey.

Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

Q. Wondering if you're an undocumented student?

You're considered undocumented if:

  • You're not a U.S. citizen, Permanent Resident (Green Card holder), or visa holder for residing or studying in the U.S.
  • Your immigration documents have expired.

Q. Where do I submit my Affidavit of Intent form?

Drop it off at the Education Outreach Center or email a scanned copy to

Q. Am I eligible for financial aid?

  • Undocumented students can access privately funded scholarships, including My Dream/Mi Sueño and certain TCC Foundation Scholarships. Find more scholarships for undocumented students on Aspiring Americans' website.
  • However, federal financial aid like grants, loans, scholarships, and work-study funds may not be available to undocumented students.
  • In Oklahoma, the Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant (OTAG) is need-based and has specific eligibility criteria, which you can learn more about at OKcollegestart.

Q. What if I am a student of undocumented parents?