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Tulsa Community College is fortunate to host international students from around the world. With affordable and quality academic programs, TCC offers flexible course scheduling and personalized support. TCC course credits transfer to colleges and universities throughout the U.S. Please contact us so we can help find the best program and help guide you through the process.


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Everyone is welcome at Tulsa Community College. TCC students who are deaf or hard of hearing can have tailored support services and tutoring for their academic success. Students can begin with English as a Second Language, American Sign Language, or other college-level classes and finish with an associate degree which prepares them to transfer to any top university in the U.S. and around the State of Oklahoma.

Individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing can schedule an appointment, and we can have an American Sign Language interpreter present, or you can click on the virtual meeting link below, and we can communicate using the chat function. TCC also has college services and tutoring specifically tailored for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. At TCC we welcome the world.


We have scholarships for new, incoming students, as well as scholarships for continuing first-year and second-year students. Our tuition and hourly fees are approximately $142 per credit hour for resident visas, and $367 per credit hour for non-resident visas, including F-1 students. This means that a single full-time semester (12 credit hours) can cost $4,500 for non-resident visas, not including books.

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The Application Process (for F-1 Visa Students only)- 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Apply to TCC

  • All F-1 visa students must submit a college application. F-1 visa students and students wanting an F-1 visa must also complete our I-20 application.

  • Submit College Application.

  • (F-1 visa students only) Complete, Save, and Email I-20 Application.

  • If English is not an official language when you graduated high school, you must take an English proficiency test: IELTS, TOEFL IBT, or Duolingo.

Step 2: Receive I-20 Form

  • Two business days or less after we review your complete application with required documents, we will email your admissions packet. Your admission packet will contain:
    • Official Admissions Notice
    • Initial Attendance I-20
    • Mailing Provider Options
      • Select a provider and pay the mailing fee. After you receive confirmation of your payment, your packet will be mailed to you.

Step 3: F-1 Visa Interview

  • You must take the entire admissions packet to the U.S. consulate or embassy in your home country. You must pay your SEVIS and visa fee. You cannot schedule your visa appointment until you have paid your I-901 fee. I-901 fees should only be paid through the official website.

  • Wait times for an interview vary from country to country. The U.S. State Department website contains information about how to prepare for your visa interview.

Step 4: Arrival in the U.S.

  • As soon as you receive your F-1 visa, please email us so that we can plan for your arrival. When you enter the U.S., show the immigration officer:
    • Your I-20 Form
    • Your passport with a valid student visa
  • When you arrive in Tulsa, you must check in with the TCC International Student Services Office within one business day. You must provide your visa and I-20 when you check in. Then we will explain the steps you must take to get enrolled.

Resources for International Students:

  1. U.S. Study in the States' page with forms, regulations, and visa information.
  2. Submitting Transcripts. One transcript evaluator has a page specifically for TCC students: SpanTran. As we become aware of others, we will post them here.
  3. Translation Services. We only have one official translator at this time, but we will list others as we become aware of them.
  4. Tulsa Student Arrival Resources List
  5. Prepare for your Visa Interview
  6. Tips for a Successful Visa Interview
  7. Visa Wait Times for U.S. Embassies and Consulates Around the World.
  8. Frequently Asked Questions by international students about the F-1 visa.