New Student Orientation FAQs

Do I have to attend New Student Orientation?

Yes, all students who are new to college and degree-seeking are required to attend New Student Orientation.

I am a concurrently-enrolled student, do I still have to attend?

Concurrently-enrolled student who are not yet graduating high school DO NOT need to attend New Student Orientation.

However, graduating seniors and high school graduates who participated in Concurrent Enrollment are required to attend New Student Orientation if you are a college freshman and seeking a degree from TCC.

Can I register for classes before New Student Orientation?

No, all new degree-seeking students have an Advising and New Student Orientation hold that will be removed when you enroll in classes at New Student Orientation.

What do I need to bring to New Student Orientation?

  • A government issued photo ID such as a driver's license or passport is required for check-in.
  • A form of payment (Completed FAFSA, Tulsa Achieves Agreement Form, Third-Party Scholarship, Payment plan, or Full payment).
  • ACT, SAT, or placement test scores are required for course placement. If you have not previously submitted these scores to TCC, please bring them to your New Student Orientation session.

What will I do in New Student Orientation?

New Student Orientation is about preparing you for success at TCC. You will be introduced to TCC resources, student services, and college enrichment opportunities. You will meet other new students at TCC. You will also meet one-on-one with an academic advisor, review your degree plan, review your MyTCC Financial Aid Dashboard, and enroll in your classes.

Can I bring a guest?

Yes! We welcome guests at New Student Orientation and even have a special Family Orientation session for them to attend. To accommodate everyone, we ask that you limit to one guest. We do not provide childcare.

Will I be able to register for classes at New Student Orientation?

Yes, will meet with an academic advisor, review your intended major and your degree plan so you will know what classes to choose. Then you will enroll in your classes.

Can I come in late or leave early if I have to work, have a doctor appointment, etc.?

No, if you happen to arrive late or leave before the completion of your orientation session, your holds will remain and it will be necessary to register for another session. It is important to arrive on time for check in, and stay in attendance for the entire session.

I cannot make my scheduled New Student Orientation session; can I reschedule?

Yes. Email us at or call 918-595-7660 to let us know you cannot make your scheduled orientation and then register for a new session.

My financial aid, residency, or transcripts are not up to date/on file, how can I take care of this?

Bring your documents to New Student Orientation and turn them in at the appropriate student services office before your orientation start time. If you are not sure where to turn in your documents call us before at (918) 595.8000.

Can I do an online Orientation?

While we prefer our students attend an in-person New Student Orientation session, we do allow for students over the age of 25, students who participated in Concurrent Enrollment, and residing out-of-state to complete the online orientation.

If you have a circumstance that prohibits you from attending in person, please contact us at

I haven't taken an ACT or SAT, can I still attend New Student Orientation?

Yes, however you will need to take our Course Placement Test before attending New Student Orientation.

Do I have to attend New Student Orientation at the same campus where I'll be taking classes?

No, you are free to attend New Student Orientation at whichever campus or date is most convenient for you.