Behavioral Intervention & Student Conduct

TCC student sits on a couch across from a counselor.

Behavioral Intervention & Student Conduct (BISC) provides intervention, resources, and connections between students, parents and family members, faculty, and college offices to promote personal growth and positive behavioral change.

We’re here to help you, or someone you know, through one-on-one support through intervention, developmental techniques, campus or community resources, or advocacy.

Who will benefit from BISC services?

  • Students facing barriers to their success at TCC
  • Students in crisis
  • Students facing a personal or family emergency
  • TCC community members who are struggling with multiple life issues
  • TCC community members in need of general case management
  • Students, faculty, and staff who have a problem/issue that needs resolution
  • TCC community members in need of mediation support

Report a Student Concern

Report a Code of Conduct or Academic Integrity Report violation.

Report a Complaint Against a Student

Services & Resources

Our case managers provide resources and info to help students prioritize their well-being, and academic and future success.

We care about you and will help you find what you need, and assist you in getting it.

  • Student conduct resolution through restorative approaches
  • Provide information about student rights and responsibilities
  • Care report management via Case Managers and the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)
  • Case management for struggling with multiple life issues
  • Academic integrity support and policy education
  • Admissions clearance process and justice-involved support
  • Emergency leave of absence/student illness
  • Referrals to internal resources
  • Liaison to emergency loans/grants for students
  • Student Conduct records release
  • One-on-one consultations regarding student behavior and concerns
  • “Don’t Cancel That Class” presentations: Civility, Conflict Management, Classroom Management, Dealing with Difficult Students, Students in Crisis
  • Parent and Family Resources
  • Support in the understanding of TCC Policies and Procedures
  • Family Emergency Support
  • Resource Management for Students in Crisis