Engineering Technology, Quality and Inspection Technician Certificate II

Certificate (Certificate) Workforce Development

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  • Northeast
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Building upon the skills gained in QIT I, students in this certificate will gain advanced knowledge of quality and inspection principles. Students will begin to learn project management and leadership skills as they are prepared to move into supervisory positions. Students will learn Statistical Process Control using industry-relevant software and will deepen their knowledge of quality principles by studying ISO 9000.

Certificate Requirements

Program Map

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program you will be able to:

  • Use proper safety procedures in an industrial environment
  • Demonstrate professional work behavior
  • Apply statistical process control (SPC) principles to improve quality
  • Apply project management and leadership principles to improve quality
  • Apply Lean and Six Sigma principles to improve quality
  • Demonstrate knowledge of quality standards and ISO 9000

Workforce Development Degree Information

Workforce development degree and certificate programs are designed to prepare students for direct entry into the workforce. They may advance students within their current career positions or open doors to new career opportunities. Coursework may apply towards a degree at a four-year university; check with an advisor for further information. The number of hours that apply to a degree will vary from one university to another.

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