Global Learning

We provide learning opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to deepen their understanding of global issues and to foster cross-cultural perspectives. In addition, we support innovative faculty projects, study abroad programs, and outreach activities. We believe that international exchanges nurture global perspectives and play a key role in developing our local community. We invite you to explore the information on our web page. For more information, contact us at

Global Learning involves learning about those problems and issues that cut across national boundaries and about the interconnectedness of systems—ecological, cultural, economic, political, and technological. It also involves perspective-taking seeing things through the eyes and minds of others and it means the realization that while individuals and groups may view life differently, they also have common needs and wants.

The value and utility of Global Learning derive from the sense that international events require all societies and their citizens to become knowledgeable about the world beyond their national borders.‚Äč

Student Resources

Traveling abroad does not have to be confusing if you know the right things before you go. If your passport is expiring within the next three months, you need to renew it before departing.

Check out some of the internationally-focused events in the Tulsa area.

International Students Services

Are you interested in helping international students? Are you an international person who is interested in studying at TCC? If so, please visit International Students Services for more information.