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More than 25 different camp selections from World Languages, Gaming & Coding, Arts and Literature, and STEM, including "Stay Gold," a camp that will look at the The Outsiders from both the book and film perspectives, and what has changed in Tulsa in the time that has passed. All camp sessions will be in a virtual classroom.

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NEW FALL 2020 Gaming and Coding Classes-see details below

Attention Parents: When you register, you can only enter information for one individual, so please input your child's information only. You will need to create individual accounts for each child. Do NOT enter your own name and birthday. Just your child.


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Your child can continue on their Gaming and Coding journey with school schedule friendly classes during the Fall of 2020.  Designed for ages 8-14, these classes are perfect to introduce your child to the rapidly expanding world of technology.  Classes are taught during an online, dedicated meeting time with a live instructor.  Classes are designed for kids ages 8-14. 

Choose from the following sessions:
Session 1   September 26-October 31

                       Coding Academy
                       Calling all future coders, programmers, & designers! Explore a series of coding languages                         like HTML, CSS,  JavaScript, and Python through introductory projects and design                                        challenges. Get started on your coding journey and become the next coding prodigy!

                       YouTube Content Creators 
                       Find your voice and leave your mark on the world! Whether you are six or sixty, it’s time                           to start a career as the next YouTube star. Explore the variety of content and personalities                         that exist on YouTube and how to find your own niche. Learn the Dos and Don’ts of the                             platform and how to practice good digital citizenship. Develop your on-camera presence,                         your own channel branding, and professional editing skills. Take home a plan for                                       launching your own channel with the content created in class!

     Session 2   November 7-December 19 (no class session November 28)
                       Coding Academy (see description above)
                       Roblox Makers

                       Unlock the power of ROBLOX® Studio, the world creation tool used by real-world                                       ROBLOX® developers! Learn how to build 3D models and create an adventure in your                                 ROBLOX® world. Bring characters to life with unique animations you design.

Choose the time slot for each session that works best for you.  


(Once you've selected a time slot, you are locked into that time slot for the duration of the class)


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