On-Time and Priority Enrollment

On-Time Enrollment

Students must enroll in a class before the first time it meets.

  • Online self-enrollment closes at 11:59 p.m. on the Sunday before classes start. See Academic Calendar for when classes start.
  • All enrollments during the first week of classes must be done through Academic Advising.
  • Enrollments are closed after a class meets for the first time.

Get the classes you need to graduate.

  • Enroll early before high demand classes are full
  • Specialized classes have fewer sections

On-Time Enrollment Exception

Students who fall into one of the following categories can request an On-Time Enrollment exception.

  • Were unable to enroll before the first time the class met
  • Attended the first class meeting prior to enrollment
  • Received approval from the instructor to join a class that has already started
  • Prevented from enrolling due to special circumstances

To request an On-Time Enrollment exception students must visit with an Academic Advisor or Answer Center Specialist. When an exception request is submitted, it will be reviewed by a member of the school division for that specific class. Students will receive notification via their TCC Email account once a decision is made regarding their request. Students will have 24 hours to enroll in the course if the request is approved. Pay close attention to the deadline on the email.

Priority Enrollment for Summer and Fall 2021

IMPORTANT: Priority is based on earned credit hours and does not include courses in progress. For more information concerning priority enrollment, visit an Academic Advisor to discuss your education plans before your enrollment date.

What can you do to get enrolled?

  • Visit with an academic advisor to create a degree plan and recommend courses
  • Consult the online class schedule to find sections that fit your schedule
  • Login to MyTCC to enroll in courses utilizing self-service
  • Not sure of deadlines? Be sure to check the Academic Calendar