Academic Forgiveness

Academic Forgiveness refers to ways in which a student may recover from prior academic challenges without harming the student’s academic standing and include Repeated Courses, Academic Reprieve, and Academic Renewal.

There are three categories that fall under Academic Forgiveness:

  • Repeated Courses
    • Students will be allowed to repeat a course. Students with grades below a "C" have the option to replace the grade with the repeated attempt (maximum of four courses, not to exceed 18 hours). The original grade will still appear on the transcript, but will not count in the GPA. TCC will automatically process the first four repeat attempts - no formal request needed).
  • Academic Reprieve
    • Students may request that up to two consecutive semesters be removed from their GPA, as long as other policy requirements are met.
  • Academic Renewal
    • Students who have had academic trouble in the past and are returning to college after an absence or under circumstances that warrant a fresh academic start, as long as other policy requirements are met.

All forgiven courses will not be calculated in the student’s GPA, but will appear on the student’s transcript (denoted with either an * , ** or $). Academic reprieve and renewal, once granted, may or may not be recognized by other colleges and universities.

Academic Forgiveness Forms

For further details, or to initiate an Academic Reprieve or Academic Renewal, contact any Advisement Office.