Students may register complaints or grievances regarding attitudinal barriers, and accessibility issues they encounter in Tulsa Community College activities, programs, or services. This procedure outlined below has been implemented to:

  • Identify a formal means for students to contest the denial of accommodations, curricular modifications, or course waivers
  • Address attitudinal barriers and accessibility issues regarding TCC activities, programs, and services
  • Provide feedback from students to improve the delivery of academic support services

Reporting a Formal ADA/504 Complaint regarding a Qualified Disability Accommodation

Students who believe they are not receiving a qualified disability accommodation should file a written complaint. The complaint submitted must have occurred within the last 180 days. The Dean of Students & Accessibility will investigate and respond to the student in writing within 15 business days of submission of the complaint. Reference the Student Disability Complaint and Grievance Appeals Process in the student handbook for details.

Service Animals on Campus

TCC is compliant with state and local law regarding the accommodation of individuals with service animals. Reference the Service Animal Policy in the student handbook for details.

Service Animal Registration

To register your service animal please download and complete the Service Animal Control Student Agreement form and return it to the Accessibility Resources office on any campus or email it to