"The true college will ever have one goal — not to earn meat, but to know the end and aim of that life which meat nourishes."

W.E.B. Dubois

Dubois is calling us to spend our time in college expanding our world view and not only focusing on the increase of our earning power.

As a critical aspect of higher education and higher-order thinking, the intercultural engagement work of the College centers itself on the promotion of civil discourse, viewpoint diversity, intellectual rigor, debate, and speech—items covered by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution—to provide evidence-based approaches to examining history, current events, and education that foster a culture of student success at the College. While these intercultural engagements may at times feel uncomfortable, it is in those uncomfortable moments that we set a learning agenda that prepares our students for the real-world concerns in which we live and must work toward success for all its members.


For further information, please email us at communitylearning@tulsacc.edu.

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Purpose and Mission Statement

The purpose of the College's Intercultural Engagement work is to coordinate, develop, and implement programs, events, and resources that provide opportunities for students, staff, and faculty to engage in intercultural learning.

The mission of the Intercultural Engagement effort is to promote and support access and success for individuals of every race and ethnic heritage, color, national origin, gender, religion, ability, linguistic diversity, and sexual orientation. In collaboration with existing college programs and offices, Intercultural Engagement efforts promote and facilitate the academic, professional, and personal development of members of the TCC community, with an emphasis on underserved, first-generation, low-income, unique ability, military, veteran, and Pell Grant recipient groups. This is accomplished through advocacy, direct service, and cultural programming.