TCC Rides Free: Bus Pass

TCC rides free on Tulsa Transit — to campus or around Tulsa.

TCC students entering on a Tulsa Transit bus for free.
TCC Rides Free: a green commute for college, work, and life.

How to Sign-up

  1. To sign up for TCC Rides Free, contact the Southeast Student Life office at 918-595-7771.
  2. Download the GoPass app for your mobile device from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store If you do not have a mobile device with internet access, special accommodations can be made with a TCC Rides Free sticker.
  3. Show the bus driver your preloaded e-ticket.

How it Works

  • TCC Rides Free offers unlimited rides anywhere Tulsa Transit offers bus service for the duration of the program.
  • TCC Rides Free riders will be asked to show their GoPass e-ticket or TCC ID with the current TCC Rides Free sticker upon boarding the bus.
  • Guests riding with TCC riders will pay the regular bus fare.

Tulsa Transit Features

  • Online Scheduler to view bus schedules, routes, and stops in detail.
  • Trip Planner to see your options for getting around town or to TCC campuses on Tulsa Transit buses.
  • Bus Tracker to track the current location of your bus in real-time via Bus Tracker's Global Positioning System (GPS).
  • Texts and alerts from Tulsa Transit via your mobile phone.

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