The TCC Institutional Review Board (IRB) is a committee that reviews research that uses human subjects. Our primary purpose is to ensure that human research subjects are protected. This includes protecting privacy, respecting autonomy, preserving dignity, minimizing risks while maximizing benefits, and providing adequate information to make informed decisions. The TCC IRB also ensures that the benefits and risks of research are equally distributed and that vulnerable population such as children are given extensive protection.

In addition to promoting quality research, protecting human subjects also protects the researcher, the advisor, and the College. Through IRB review, the IRB assists researchers in developing the best possible methodologies to ensure the best possible research outcomes.

Federal Registration Numbers

  • FWA #00006580
  • IRB #00010991


The mission of the Tulsa Community College Institutional Review Board is to assist faculty, staff, and student researchers in meeting the highest ethical and professional standards for the use of human subjects in scientific research.


  • Dr. Alicia MacKay - Co-Chair - Associate Professor, Psychology, TCC
  • Dr. Kristin Matthews - Co-Chair - Assistant Professor, Political Science, TCC
  • Jason Featherngill - Member - Educational Researcher, Institutional Research, TCC
  • Dr. Connie Hebert - Member, Assistant Professor, Life Sciences, TCC
  • Dr. Jennifer Ivie - Member, Assistant Professor, Psychology, TCC
  • Kirstin Krug - Member, Director, Institutional Research, Reports, and Analytics, TCC
  • Dr. Danielle Lupton - Member, Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy, TCC
  • Dr. Shaun Peevsasser - Member, Associate Professor, Sociology, TCC
  • Julie Porterfield - Member - Dean, School of Science & Aeronautics, TCC
  • Sabrina Ripp - Member - Associate Professor, Mathematics, TCC
  • Dr. Jerilyn Schultz - Member - Associate Professor, Psychology, TCC
  • Dr. Phil Smith - Member - Associate Professor, History, TCC
  • Dr. Allison Tifft - Member - Assessment Program Manager, TCC
  • Dr. Mackenzie Wilfong - Member - General Counsel, TCC
  • Michelle Yarbrough - Member - Assistant Professor, English
  • Dr. Laura Latta - External Member - Executive Director, Tulsa Higher Education Consortium

If you are interested in joining the IRB Team, please contact one of the co-chairs.

If you are unsure if you need to complete an application, our Interactive Decision Tree can help. To complete the application, click on Download the IRB Application.

Note: Completing or submitting an IRB application does not submit any requests to Institutional Research, Reporting, & Analytics for data or surveys. You must complete the IR service request form after you have received IRB approval for your study.

Allow at least two weeks for the initial review of your IRB application by reviewers after processing during a regular semester. In between semesters, it may take longer. Full board reviews take even longer. If your application is incomplete, missing documents or information, or there are questions regarding your application, it may take more time to review.

Human Subjects Research Approval Process and Timeline

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