TCC's Institutional Review Board Policy

On Sept. 20, 2018, Tulsa Community College's Board of Regents approved the new IRB policy which governs human subjects research at TCC. You can download the policy below.

IRB Policy

IRB Required Training

You must have completed the TCC Human Subjects Protection online course or the CITI training on human subject protection within the past three years to submit an application to the TCC IRB. Your certificate of completion is required as part of the IRB application. Other training opportunities must be approved by the IRB to be considered as a replacement for these two options. If you are a TCC employee or student and would like to enroll in our free online course, log in to Blackboard via the MyTCC portal. Go to Organizations. Click on Organization Catalog in the upper, right-hand corner. Choose ID in the first drop-down menu. In the box, type irb_training. When the IRB_Training appears in the list, click on the down arrow next to the organization ID. Click on Enroll. You will have to have a copy of an approved training certificate of completion from within the past three years to submit with your IRB application.

IRB Application Forms

Other IRB Forms

Example Informed Consent Forms

Below are examples of informed consent forms for various types of research conducted at TCC.