Approved versions of the TCC Logo include horizontal and vertical formats, as-well-as there i. Contact Marketing Communications for current policy on the use of any portion of the Tulsa Community College square or name signature. Both elements are graphic files. The words "Tulsa Community College" are not a particular font that can be duplicated.

All authorized logo and signature configurations are available in digital formats. Do not scan or image the logo or signature from reproduction masters. Digital files containing the official logo and signature configurations can be obtained in various formats readable by Macintosh® or Windows® platforms.

Style Guide

Refer to the TCC Style Guide for color and logo usage.

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Official Color

In order to maintain a consistent image for the College, individual departments should use the official TCC blue represented in the logo.

TCC Brand Blue
TCC Blue
  • PMS: 2935
  • CMYK: 92, 72, 0, 0
  • RGB: 00, 85, 184
  • HEX: 0055b8

Virtual Meeting Backgrounds

Download our selection of branded backgrounds to use in your next virtual meeting.

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